Tuesday, 18 January 2011

My route

Well, more of a guide than route.
If you imagine drawing a line from each of these places it would give you an idea of the route,
Buenos Aires - Argentina
Ushuaia - Argentina
Santiago - Chile
La Paz - Bolivia
Lima - Peru
João Pessoa - Brazil
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Montevideo – Uruguay
Buenos Aires – Argentina
I will stick near to the coast so I will travel round the outside of South America till I reach Peru.  I will take the BR230 or Transamazonica as it is better known across Brazil to Joao Pessoa and then again continue down the coast till I arrive back at my starting point.
I have no time schedule to keep, other than a limited time in each country due to visas 3-6 months. I will apply for a longer stay in Brazil as this is where most of my miles will be done. Because I have no time schedule I am free to change my mind and explore anything that takes my fancy.
It will be about 12 to 14 thousand miles, I will aim to do around 1000 miles each month.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Kit list

Well this is it, 15 days to go before I set off on my trip.

Below I have made a kit list of everything I am taking. I am sure there are a few bits which I forgotten I’ll add them as I remember them.
Tent Helium 100 lightweight
9 x Extra tent pegs Alpkit spikes heavy duty tent pegs
Four season sleeping bag -19 to +20
Silk sleeping bag liner
Fleece sleeping bag liner
Quechua self inflating sleeping mat
Mosquito net (impregnated)
M.S.R. XGK Expedition Stove
Fuel bottle
MSR Alpine pan set
Eating utensils
Cooking utensils
MSR Water treatment
Aquaclear water purification tablets
2 x Water bottles
Trekmate kitchen sink
Para cord
Amazonas jungle tent
Amazonas Hammock with integrated mosquito net
2 x hammock hanging ropes
Wind up Torch

5 x Trainer socks
4 x thermal socks
Thermal top
2 x Thermal long johns
2 x underpants
1 x black cycling shorts
2 x bib shorts
1 x zip offs
2 x tee shirts
2 x cycling tops
Full BMC pro racing kit (because I'm a poser)
Winter cycling top
Cycling jacket
Arm warmers
Leg warmers
Skins compression leggings
2 x Summer gloves
1 x Autumn / spring gloves
1 x winter gloves
1 x normal gloves
1 x woolly hat
Skull cap
Giro Helmet
Neoprene shoe covers
Flip flops
2 x Sunglasses ran ban
Sunglasses Cycling
Travel sewing kit
Clothes washing stuff

Bike Cube Delhi
Ortlieb roller plus bar bag
Panniers front Ortlieb roller plus
Panniers rear Ortlieb roller plus
Cycle computer
Bike tools general
Special tools bottom bracket remover etc
Bottom bracket
Brake pads
Brake disc
Inner tubes
Puncher repair kit
2 x bungees
Other stuff
Kubik 8 gig MP3 Player
Unlocked Samsung mobile
2 x Power monkeys
Power monkey Y cable
Elonex colour eBook reader (with guide to South America)
Head torch
Camera Panasonic Lumix FZ45
Camera case
camera battery  (extra)
Garmin Edge 705
Garmin world maps
Garmin heart rate monitor
Maps (paper) Peru/Chile/Brazil/Argentina/Bolivia
Small diary
8 x Flash media storage cards
Body wallet
2 x wallet (1 hidden and 1 mugging)
Timex expedition watch
Passport / Vaccination certificates / copy of important stuff
Giant travel towel
2 x small travel towels
3 x Large dry bags
1 x small dry bag
Cable ties
Wash bag
Dental first aid kit
Sterile first aid kit needles, scalpel etc
First aid kit general
Doxycyline 100 tablets (anti malaria)