Tuesday, 12 April 2011

It was the best of times and it was the worst of times

It was the best of times and it was the worst of times,

If you are a keen reader of this blog you might be aware my bike is broken and I am waiting for the part to turn up (a rear mech hanger). This means staying in a hostel (hence the worst of times) with absolutely nothing to do. I've been consuming vast quantities of Chilean wine (hence the best of times). I woke one morning from a vivid dream to find myself fully clothed on the floor, I must have looked like a character from inception. I had spilt red wine everywhere, down my trousers and all over the floor. I washed my trousers and left the floor, I doubted anyone was going to notice with all the dirt and stains already there. The hostel is £6.50 a night; it’s not too bad, I've stayed in worse. After a few days I had to by an air freshener for the room, the wine in the carpet was making an awful smell.

Now here follows the saga that is the missing part,

The part was ordered from chain reaction cycles, they offered a 4 day DHL express delivery for £30, that's not too bad I thought, £30 and I'm on my way. I might as well relax for a few days. On the Friday it was due to be delivered I got a phone call on the hostel landline, the guy didn't speak English, I got the gist it was in Punta Arenas and will be with me by 6pm. I spent the afternoon sitting out the front reading a book, 6pm came and went. Oh well I thought maybe the driver couldn't make it round and it will be here tomorrow. The next day nothing, a few days later I realise it’s not going to turn up, it had been signed for therefore according to DHL I must have it. Chain reaction weren't doing much at their end to find it. Dejected I loaded everything up I was going to start walking, I really wanted to start moving again. The next morning I had a chat with my friend Matthew he convinced me to stay put and got on to the case he got a new part sent to him and made me up a box with some goodies in (new socks, inner tubes etc.) and what a star got a full refund out of chain reaction, thanks mate.

With nothing to do for few days, I tried to find some cheap trainers and shorts so at least I could go running. They all cost more than I was prepared to pay. I normally just go for a walk along the coast and take my stove to cook something for later on. Today I went to my normal cafe for lunch hoping the waitress I like would be serving, she is surly but pretty, she was. I wondered if she noticed I had been wearing the same clothes for five days in a row. Maybe she could smell I had, I am struggling to get stuff dry, it’s not much above freezing and my room is damp. I'm looking forward to getting back into my tent.

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