Friday, 4 February 2011

The first few days.

The first few days.

The flight was long and uneventful, eating a ba English breakfast while flying over brazil with an amazing sunrise was probably the only highlight.

I stood in the visa queue when it was my turn the woman didn't speak any English and wouldn't wait as I tried to ask if it was for 3 months she just stamped it and handed it back, so I gave up and went to find my bike. First thing I saw in baggage was my chain reaction cycles box I was so relieved I went over and gave it a hug (It went on last as oversize luggage so there was a chance it wouldn't make it). The first thing that hit me was the smoking ban most definitely hasn't made it over here yet, then the heat 35 degrees I was sweating buckets as I put my bike together, I ended up with a small audience who kept taking it in turns to ask where I was going, they couldn't believe someone would cycle to Tierra del fuego, I couldn't explain that was just the first bit, they wouldn't have believed me. Once I got the bike assembled I cycled to the exit and got directed straight onto the motorway by the police it seems everybody uses the motorway, tractors, cyclists and horse riders. The hard shoulder has speed bumps on it I'm sure that's otherwise it would just get used as another lane. It’s a very poor road surface and they have some huge potholes, it’s very tough on the bike.

I spent the first night hidden from view on the edge of an industrial estate. I fell asleep all most straight away. Tonight I am in a truckstop\somewhere to take a girl type place, if I hadn't of paid for the room before I saw it I would have carried on. Because of the heat I haven't eaten much, all I am doing at the moment is drinking water. 1 cheese and ham roll in 36 hours I have plenty of food with me but just can't face it.

That's it for now going to push on tomorrow and head for Mar del Plata.


  1. Good luck mate, will be following your travels, hope you are able to upload your route off the Garmin at some point.

  2. Hi Regie,
    Thanks for the message. Unfortunately I am using a solar charger and camping where I can so I only turn the Garmin on to check my position etc. as I can’t charge it often I am marking the position on a map and I will put that up.