Wednesday, 9 February 2011

It's all about the bike

It's all about the bike,

For the first time I am beginning to wonder if the bike will make it. I have ridden for about 50 miles in total down dirt track the rear skewer has come loose, the front rack is starting to fail and the rear brake squeaks constantly. If the bike wasn't loaded it would be fine I have tried to shave some more weight off, a few clothes and few bike tools have been ditched but I think I will need to lose more. I haven't seen any bike shops yet so I will hang on to all the spares.

Yesterday I reached Mal del Plata, it was early and I didn't want stay there so I had a quick look at the map and saw there is a coast road which goes through Miramar it was a bit out of my way but I fancied a change. I'm glad I did it was a beautiful morning I had the Atlantic to my left and rolling ground. It was a good change from the vast flat grazing land and dead straight roads. On the way out of Boulevard Atlántico I stopped to check the map and a car drew alongside me a woman lent out of the window and said something in Spanish. I apologised and said I didn't understand I don't speak Spanish she looked at me and went "ahhh English" the car pulled forward about two foot so the rear window was level with me it was darkened so I couldn't see in, it slowly slid down to reveal a little old lady "good morning....have you heard about the drinks that give you energy?"

A little confused to what she meant I said no. "These drinks are amazing they give you energy so you can go on and on....... it’s amazing it gives you energy" and then the car pulled off leaving me scratching my head wondering what it was all about. Maybe they got round the corner and all started roaring with laughter, she never said what the drink was.

Later on I was back inland again I started to look for somewhere to sleep before I got to the town, once again it was dead flat as far as the eye could see when suddenly I realised there are no hedges I hadn't seen a proper hedge since I arrived. I rode for ages down a dirt track by now I was so tired I had ridden almost 100 miles and a lot of it was off road. In the end I realised I couldn't go on so I just pulled over took the panniers of the bike and threw them over the fence and then the bike and pitched in a sunflower field I was in view I didn't care I just had to sleep. I was just going have some faith in the human race and if that doesn't work ill stab them with my Gerber.

The next day I got up early and was ready to go but realised I need a rest, I'm not trying to go as fast as I can I'm here to see things so I cycled to Necochea booked into a hotel and spent the rest of the day exploring, on the hotel form it said occupation so I put powered egg salesman.

It was good to have a rest, the reason it’s so hard going is I have to keep slowing almost to a stop for bumps, holes etc and then get back to speed again also you have to have your wits about you with south American drivers.

Something I learnt today I noticed a lot of cars with a plastic bottle on either the roof or bonnet I couldn't work out what it was about. It turns out it means they are for sale.

Tomorrow I will be back on the road and back in the tent.

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