Tuesday, 15 February 2011

My headwind is somebody's tailwind,

My headwind is somebody's tailwind,

I stayed in a campsite at a lagoon last night it was good to have a bit of human interaction. I was immediately surrounded by people and bombarded with questions,
"Where are you from"
"Where are you going"
"Why are you cycling"
"Do you have a job"
"How old are you"
"Are you married"

I got my main map of south America out to show them my route, an old guy poked me in the ribs and then pointed to the Falklands, oh god here we go I thought. So I pointed out Maradonna hand of god - Falklands = it’s a fair trade. After I had shown the guys everything electrical and I had and let all the women kiss me on the cheek I was left in peace. I set up the tent and went for a walk about, a young guy came up to me and asked if I was the cycling guy I said yes he said ahh come and join us for a drink he was with two Americans, a South African and an Irish guy. They had come out to fix a gas turbine but where waiting for parts so they were passing the time at the lagoon wind surfing and having a bbq. It was great to be able to chat normally for a while it had been 10 days since I had had a proper conversation. It was Saturday night and the music went on till 5am, the South American version of Chas and Dave doing a song to the tune of jingle bells began to grate after a while.

Today I came across the first cyclist like me, an Italian guy who had a big grin on his face my terrible head wind was a stonking tail wind for him, we had set off at the same time that morning he had done 60 miles to my 30. He had started in Chile about three months ago and was coming to the end of his trip he had been right to the south the same route I will do but the other way. He warned me about the winds in Patagonia '100kph and change direction all the time they blow you all over the road be very careful'. I directed him to the campsite I had stayed at, I knew they would keep telling him about the 'English guy'.

At the petrol stations they normally have vending machines that dispense hot water, 50 cents gets you a litre, I figured it was cheaper to make a cup of coffee using this than setting up the stove and boiling the water, so I put some coffee in my cup and then put my money in and hit the button when my cup was full I let go off the button but it seems when press it you get it all even if you don't want it, I quickly walked away leaving boiling water pouring down the front of the machine and stood by my bike pretending to fiddle with stuff as I quickly drank my coffee.

The facilities over here take a bit of getting used to, a squat for a toilet with a bucket of water for a flush or just a hole in the ground. Showers with no hot water! Mind you, it’s still better than France!

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