Friday, 11 February 2011

Week 1 - the first step is the hardest,

Week 1 - the first step is the hardest,

It’s been one week since I assembled my bike and set off. I have covered 545 miles so far, I have found it hard going I think going from the middle of an English winter hasn't helped I found some factor 65 sun cream which has been great, my bottom lip is all cracked from the sun and dehydration. I went into a shop today there was an attractive girl serving I smiled and my bottom lip just split open and blood started pouring out down my chin.

The shops remind me of the 1980s 1 pound goes a long way and there isn't a huge amount of choice. I have still managed to go over budget in my first week but I think that will improve as I know what I am doing now. I am drinking about 8 litres of water a day and it’s expensive to buy bottled but seeing it is readily available I thought it best to save my purification tablets and water filter.

The people have all been very friendly whenever I stop someone will ask where I am going. Well I think that's what they are asking, it could just abuse I have no idea.

My routines are slowly starting to take shape, I still have to fine tune my panniers and lose a few more bits when that has happened I will do another kit list of everything that stayed.

Today it’s a long slog down route 3 I am pretty much on this road now for 1500 odd miles other than when I go to towns or to look at things.

Time to finish my coffee and get some miles in.

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  1. You are doing well mate, and getting some great experiences. Hope it continues to go well